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Some dogs that come to us are very old and they have special needs, these dogs become part of our sanctuary dog programme. They spend their twilight years with us enjoying life on the farm with their friends. 

Holly's Sanctuary dog programme....



Brady is now 18 years young! Brady and his sister Tess came to Holly's when their elderly dad could no longer care for them. Brady has dementia and is handfed daily so he doesn't forget to eat. Brady loves pottering around the garden with the other dogs. 


Dear little Tess passed away in 2015 aged 17.

Brady passed away in December 2016, aged 19.


Brady and Tess in the garden.

Brady passed away in December 2016, aged 19.

Sir Bob Peaches.....came to Holly's when his Mum could no longer care for him. Bob is the sweetest soul ever and we love him to bits. His eyesight is not too good, but he has an active and happy life at Holly's Farm.

Molly came to Holly's needing surgery fora huge growth on her tummy. Molly lived a long and happy life at Holly's, and passed away at 16 1/2 years old in 2015,

Emmy is an older citizen, and her human Dad had to go into care. Emmy is now 17 years young. Emmy continues to rule the roost at Holly's.

Tasha's Mum sadly passed away and Tash came to Holly's. It was not long before we realised that this little munchkin is totally deaf, and has poor eyesight as well. Until Tasha passed away last year she lived her pampered days with us at Holly's.

Milly came to Holly's Farm in late 2015. At just 6 years old, Milly has diabetes, is blind and has some nasty cancers, so Milly has a few veterinary visits ahead of her. She is the sweetest little soul ever born. Due to her medical issues, she will remain here with us.


Milly passed away suddenly early in 2016.


Molly is 15 years young, and a little grumpy ShihTzu girl. She is a bit stiff in the joints, but loves her food, and guards her bed from any would be intruders. 

Molly passed away in 2016


Molly is a 13 year old girl who has sadly been very neglected in the past. Molly has come to us with many medical issues, and will stay with us at

The Farm.

JETHRO is an elderly chap, we are not sure just how old! He has cancer, and will remain at The Farm enjoying his life to the fullest.

JAMAE....our much loved Sanctuary girl

passed away suddenly last year. care with Felicity.

PLUTO our famous Poodle boy. The Plutoman is in permanent care with Robyn and John.

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