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After Holly joined us all those years ago, we have had many more rescues: dogs, horses, chooks, cats, sheep and ducks! Quite the menagerie! This menagerie, in one form or another, has followed me around most of my life.


Dear old Holly stayed with us for about seven years, until she was given her wings. Holly was probably in her late thirties when she went to Rainbow Bridge.


However, my passion has always been about our canine friends. I have always had dogs, and picked up lost dogs out playing in the traffic when I did a stint in the city! Many a time I have had a Shepherd or a Rotti on my back seat and taken them to work, where I could ring the Council. I took a little Staffy into work one day when I was on the front desk - nobody complained.


Gradually, this passion for dogs has led to an interest in rescue work. I find that the 'oldies' touch my heart the most. The milky eyes, the grey faces, the pure love that shines out from them.  The old 'crusties' are often left at the pound - they are too old, too much work to adopt. These elderly souls have given their hearts to someone, only to be discarded or not reclaimed when they find themselves in pounds.  Sometimes they are surrendered when an owner can no longer care for them. These dogs must feel lost, alone and scared, and they need the chance to be cuddled, loved, given a warm bed and good food for whatever time that remains for them. 

So, these dogs in their 'twilight' years, the little guys that have found themselves alone and frightened,

are what Holly's Rescue is all about.


Meg and Sam.

Keeping warm by the fireside.


Snoopy, Sunny and Sasha.


Louie and Lexy

Dear old Holly...the first time I met her...look at her badly neglected hoofs!


Holly could hardly walk, her feet were so overgrown.

Holly's Rescue has rehomed many senior and not so senior dogs over the years. Some of the dogs who arrive at Holly's Farm are very frail and have complex medical issues. These dear little souls join our Sanctuary dog program. This means that they remain with us at the Farm, living out their lives in warmth, comfort, great veterinary care - provided by Seaside Vets at Wallaroo. They enjoy good food, love and cuddles throughout their twilight years.

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