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Updates on the goings on at Holly's Rescue.........

This page is new to the is looking a bit bare at the moment! It will be a blog of where Holly's is, and what's going on.

June 2016..........

For starters though, as we approach our 5th year, Holly's is proud that we have assisted 96 dogs and kittens to find their happy ever afters. We don't take kittens as a rule, but took on four kitties for a friend of Holly's, found them great homes, and also had Mum desexed.

As most of our dogs are in their senior years, and often need quite a bit of veterinary work done, it is a wonderful achievement. Many thanks must go to supporters of Holly's, who provide fabulous donations and moral support so that we can continue doing what we do.

Since gaining our Charity status in 2015, it is far easier to raise funds, with donation tins around local businesses. I am also constantly amazed at how generous people are.

2015 was a sad year and several of our Sanctuary dogs crossed to Rainbow Bridge, also one of my own dogs, Lexie passed over quite suddenly. These precious hairy little people, who are now on Rainbow Bridge, have their pictures on our 'Rainbow Bridge' page of this website.


As we head further into winter, I would like to acknowledge the people who donate jumpers and blankets for our dogs. A special mention too, to Knitting For Australian Dog Rescues, an amazing group of knitters who knit fantastic warm woollies for dog rescues all over Australia. 

December 2016....

This year we said farewell to Millie, our little diabetic 'sugar baby' after a short illness. We also said goodbye to two of our dear Sanctuary dogs....Molly, aged 15, and Brady aged 19. Brady had been with us for two years, and his loss was felt deeply.

Holly's passed 100 dogs whom we helped to find their 'happy ever afters'. We are proud of this milestone, as we are a very  small rescue. We also celebrated our birthday of 5 years!

2016 has been eventful too, Holly's is now working with the Animal Welfare League and the RSPCA. We hope to continue this relationship, working side by side. As we help the senior citizens of the canine world, they often do not thrive in a large shelter. When they come to us, they are in a home environment until they find their new homes.

2016 has also been the year when our 'Poster Child' Pluto came to us. By fundraising, we managed to pay for Pluto to have his cataracts removed, at a cost of just under $6000. The generosity of our followers is astounding.

Holly's has a great little committee, enabling us to assist more dogs and our band of foster carers are priceless. There is always someone willing to foster and transport a dog.

Our Christmas cards were a first for us this year, and proved popular. Our 'Home Alone' cards are selling well too.

So, Holly's moves into 2017 with optimism and energy. We have had our ups and downs and we are looking forward to helping more small hairy little people in 2017.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

September 2017....

Wow, what a busy year. We went to our first Dogapalooza in Adelaide, run by a sister rescue. We made some new friends and sold some items on our table. Also this year, we are nearing 150 dogs rescued and rehomed, which is fabulous.

Holly's took in Molly, a sweetheart who had been terribly abused and neglected. Molly stayed with us for six months, before getting her wings and going to Rainbow Bridge. We have also taken in Teddy, a very old Pomeranian gentleman, and Jethro, a gorgeous boy with blindness and cancer. Sally also joined our Sanctuary Dog programme after her Mum passed away. Sally is almost 15 years old. We will do some fundraising at the end of the year to help with our veterinary costs.

Also, very exciting, we are going to start an online shop on this website. It will be where you can purchase Holly's dog related goodies. Watch this space!

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