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Samuel S Sunshine

I need to introduce myself properly.

My name is Samuel S Sunshine. Crazy name, but that’s what Mum chose for me, so I have to live with it I guess. The “S” stands for my middle name, but I am a bit embarrassed about it, so we will leave it as just the “S”.

I lived with a family with children once, but I had an accident. I broke my wrist playing silly buggas. I went to the vets, and they said that I needed to have my whole leg amputated!! My family couldn’t afford it, and they had a bit of an argument over it. There was even talk of something called ‘putting him to sleep’. Well, I do like to sleep, especially on a human bed, but this was a different type of sleep. From their voices, it wasn’t a nice sleep at all.

So, the lovely vet lady called a place called Holly’s Rescue. I overheard her saying that if Holly’s could pay for the surgery, then I could go and live with them. The lovely vet lady gave me stuff so I couldn’t feel the pain from my wrist anymore, and then the next day they put me to sleep, but another type of sleep, not the sleeping on a bed sleep, or the other nasty sleep, but a sleep while they took my leg! My whole leg!

‘Parently when we pupsters break our legs, we do much better to lose the whole leg. So, I woke up and only had three legs! I stayed in hospital for a few days having pain stopping medicine and antibiotics. I was a really good boy, and the vet staff said I was lovely.

Then, the lady from Holly’s came to get me from hospital. She looked after me and gave me the pain stopping stuff and more antibiotics. There were so many dogs! They called this lady “Mum”.

So Mum and a man called “Dad” or sometimes “GrandPaw” cared for me, and wouldn’t let me jump around much. Being a puppy, keeping still was difficult, but I was a good boy for them. After lots of days, Mum took me to the vets to have my stitches out. She let me run around a bit more after that, but I still wasn’t allowed to jump off of furniture in case I hurt myself.

When I was all better, I heard Mum and GrandPaw talking about me being dopted, whatever that is. I think it means that I don’t stay with my new friends. I listened really hard to find out what it meant, dopted kept being talked about. Then Mum decided to give me a name - Sammy Sunshine! For goodness sake, two names? Two? Like a human! And not only that, but I also have a very silly middle name! How embarrassing. But I will put up with the silly names, coz I’m not getting dopted anymore. I am staying here at Holly’s Farm.

I have become very important here, and have a few jobs, which I do really well. I am in charge of the welcoming committee, the farewell committee, I am the social secretary and I also am something called chief photo bomber. It’s not that I like to be in all of the pics, but I like to say hello and be in the action. The people who visit us need a cuddle sometimes, and I want to make them feel loved. Some people have tears, and a Sammy cuddle makes them smile.

I have heaps more to tell you, about my friends at Holly’s, but it is nearly tea time, so I must dash.

Much love, Samuel S Sunshine.



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